The story goes back to the early 80’s and it started somewhere in a small suburb of Augsburg, Germany. A group of friends took all of the useless parts from their 3-speed touring bikes, to reduce them to a minimum. Those dialed machines where prepared for some action. For racing, to be more precise. During the summer-time those races where held on the nearby motocross track. During the wintertime, a snow covered basketball court got abused for speedway races. Sometimes those races turned out to serious action, but at the end of the day it was just about fun together with a group of friends and nothing more…

Miles Racing ® we slow down your journex

Sometimes pure fun can turn into real passion. And this is what happened with a lot of that crew. For them cycling is still a major part of their daily life. No matter if launching it down a hill, jumping over dirt or just cruising through the city. Each day in the saddle is a good day. Frank Heinrich was member of this crew and he was always passionated about working on bikes or developing products, as one day he decided… Hey, let´s do high quality brake pads and Miles Racing was born.

A brake pad is only a tiny part of a bike, but even this part deserves knowledge and some passion. Well, and here we are. Miles Racing can look back to almost a full decade of bicycle development. Our mission is to produce the best quality brake pads, because we know how passionate our riders are about their bikes. We’re passionate about them too! Time to join Miles Racing, because even though it´s one of the smallest parts on your bike, it´s one of the most important.

Miles Racing, we slow down your journey