Day by day, they are going through that mixture of sweat, pain, glory, dirt, dust and dopamine. But you know what, they are not doing it because they have to. They are just doing it because it is their passion.

They are all using Miles Racing products to put them through their paces under the toughest conditions and it is them, who help us to constantly fine-tune our product range. Thanks to all our riders for getting bloody dirty again and again!

Emese Fodor - Miles Racing Team Romania
>> Emese Fodor

Miles Racing Team Manager - Bobby Miles
>> Bobby Miles

Miles Racing Team - Emma Olofsson Portrait
>> Emma Olofsson

Miles Racing Team Manager - Bobby Miles
>> We look for a CC Racer
Are you the one?
>> Jan Faistaver
Czech Republic

Nadja Rommer - Miles Racing Team Portrait
>> Nadja Sommer
Miles Racing Team Manager - Bobby Miles
>> A Gravel guy would fit the team
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