Team – Honza Faistaver

Honza catching some air in Malage
rider: honza | photo by


Honza Faistaver      


Czech Republic but hanging around in Whistler


Freeride MTB

Biggest Success:

Having this ultimate freedom, travel the world and ride my bike!

Goal for the future:

Stay healthy, nothing’s more important!


FDF Bikeshop (Commencal Bikes), Loose Riders, Sensus grips, Miles Racing

How did you get into mountainbiking?

Probably like any other kid when I was young.

What kind of bikes do you have in use?

Commencal Meta TR 2021, thats one hell of a bike!!!

Best place to ride your bike?

British Columbia for sure!

two buddies going down the hill on some trails in malaga
rider: honza | photo by

Which destination is standing on your to do list in the future?

West side of USA, hope they open borders soon again!

Favoutite Race:

I am not into racing, sorry! 😀

Who would you like to take for a ride?

My riding buddies from Czech Republic!

What is the best, after a long day of riding?

Cold beer and chill with friends!

Other activities beside biking?

Digging trails!

Where do you see yourself in 30 years?

Thats a long time ahead but hopefully still riding!