Nadja Sommer

Nadja Rommer - Miles Racing Team Portrait


Nadja Summer




Freeride MTB

Biggest Success:

I worked on it to have the perfect work-life-balance. Now I have enough time to do things I like and to travel whenever and wherever I want.

Goal for the future: 

I love jumps, so I´m always keen to learn some new tricks and get more steeze.       

Nadja Rommer catching some air - Miles Racing Team 2022


Flowdropsco, MelonOptics, Dirtlove, Miles racing

How did you get into mountainbiking?

Typical girl who starts biking with his boyfriend and got stuck with it. Biking is my kinda meditation

What kind of bikes do you have in use?

Downhillbike (Trek session), Enduro (Trek remedy), Dirtbike (Rose)

Best place to ride your bike?

Schladming in Austria, and france is also pretty dope

Which destination is standing on your to do list in the future?

Canada for sure, I think this adventure will happen soon!

Which music fits best for riding?

For downhill I prefer metal, for uphill I like Indie and Hip hop

Favourite Race:

UCI, I know few of them and that makes the race even more exciting for me. I also love Rampage (freeride soul)

Who would you like to take for a ride?

Vinny Armstrong!

What is the best, after a long day of riding?

Take off my knee protection and refreshing in the river with my crew and a sip of cold beer

Other activities beside biking?

Yoga to stay flexi, little bit skiing in the winter, cooking with friends and good music

Where do you see yourself in 30 years?

Too far away, my mind is just at the here and now.

Maybe a bungalow with a big yard and trails would be nice.