Emese Fodor

Emese Fodor - Miles Racing Team Romania




XCM, Cross Duathlon

Biggest Success?

Cross Duathlon European Champion

Goal for the future?

National Champion


NoMad Merida CST Team, BikeFun Romania, Northwave, CST Tires, Sciene in Sport Romania, Bikedistrict.

How did you get into mountainbiking?

Under the influence of friends, before that I raced the Olympic Triatlon.

What kind of bikes do you have in use?

Merida Big Nine Team hadtail and Merida Ninety Six Team fullsuspension.

Best place to ride your bike?

Hasmas Mountanis and Gyimes Valley.

Which destination is standing on your to do list in the future? Promotion of cycling tourism.

Which music fits best for riding?

I don’t listen to music during cycling 🙂

Favoutite Race?

TBT Transylvania Race.

Who would you like to take for a ride?

My friend.

What is the best, after a long day of riding?

To drink an unfiltred wheat beer with friends.

Other activities beside biking?

Trialrunning, skitouring, Freeride skiing.

Where do you see yourself in 30 years?

I really hope to be still in the saddle!