If you are running a downhill-, enduro- or cc-racing-team, you are a rider of a team or you are just do it by your own, but you have the potential to stand on the podium, than please feel free to contact us under:

If you are not so much into racing, but you burn for biking and you love smokin´ through the berms in the deep forest. All that is already a good base, but let´s talk about the minimal entry requirements. We prefer to work with people who are able to serve us with usable content or creative ideas. A minimum requirement would be at least two quality posts for Instagram. If you are able to make complete videos, even better. Maybe you have any other skills, like graphic design, CAD skills or any other good ideas you can bring to the Miles family? Than we would love to have a chat with you to talk about possibilities. Please contact us and we will see, if there is any chance for a cooperation.


Team Manager „Bobby Miles“